BLUEBIRD - A VR Narrative. Status: Complete

Role: Lead 2D FX Animator, Lead Compositor, Concept Development

A lone bluebird tries to escape from the caverns of a withered heart. As it struggles to find its way, it discovers the history of a scarred life that has left its story on the heart, imprinted for the bird to see. A virtual reality experience that explores the feelings of happiness, anger, regret, and acceptance and the incredible effect they have on a person’s life.

SETTLE. Status: Pre-Production

Role - Director. Animator. Compositor

Settle is a biographical film that illustrates the emotional stages that come with a diagnosis of a critical illness. These stages – discovery, denial, depression, and acceptance – are depicted through a visual representation of the character’s evolving mental state. The character’s motive is to overcome the emotions and find a path to acceptance however daunting the journey may be.

THE PIT. Status: Production

Role - Director. Animator. Compositor

A vertical narrative that revolves around OSMO who is androgynous by nature, telling a highly metaphorical adventure of a constantly falling character. Throughout their journey, Osmo faces multiple mental or emotional obstacles portrayed visually with elemental effects that interact with them, leading to a point where their emotional and physical capacity is tested to the extreme.

HAPPY HOUR, Director - Belen Saenz De Viteri

Role - 2D FX Animator

Status: Complete. On Film Circuit

9 to 5 - Adult Swim Bumper

Role - Lead 2D FX Animator. Lead Compositor

A depressed office worker drags himself to his cubicle when suddenly a heart attack puts him out of his misery. Instead of enjoying this sweet escape of death, the man is plummeted down into hell and transformed into a demon. Now, he must continue his work to please his new boss, who is literally Satan. (Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell)

Allure. Director: Benjamin Tong, Status: Complete

Role - Lead 2D FX Animator

Cailen, the son of the warrior Eli, finds a dry, old and abandoned well while journeying across a land full of unknown dangers. Curiosity consumes Cailen, while the well’s tempting song draws him ever closer to impending doom.